About Famo

About Famo

Since 1947 that, with ideas, sketches, modules, features, designs, ingenuity, 3D and a lot of innovation, we´ve been building, piece by piece, a unique and exemplary story  in the Portuguese market of office furniture.

While upholding the legacy of a past designed based on tradition of handmade and deeper knowledge of industry, FAMO is proud to always be a step ahead of the trends, hold hands with technology, side by side with their customers. Working together goes far beyond a slogan, that´s a daily motivating force.

The means to reach the end is crucial – no detail is overlooked, no idea left to explore. More than thinking outside the box, FAMO reinvents and rebuild this box, a box where everything you desire in a workspace fit… and more.

In full century XXI, FAMO is and continues to be a growing company that unfolds and expand itself. Its national presence is solid, its international dimensions enviable, its continued expansion an inspiration. Indeed, its development is the mirror of its own work: FAMO does not merely produce mechanically furniture pieces that remains alone, FAMO visualize and materialize the concept as a whole, adding, removing and perfecting details until the result ends in a space where we want to work… and stay.

In fact, the word limit is not a word that exists in the vocabulary of those who know what they are representing, what they idealize, what they project and what they want to achieve. Here, the impossible is almost always possible.


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