About Polarmoss

About Polarmoss

Polarmoss is a Finnish moss company, founded in 1985. The company’s tradition of moss utilization extends back over 80 years, its owner being a third-generation entrepreneur in the moss sector. 

Polarmoss is located on the beautiful island of Hailuoto in Finland, in Northern Europe close to the Arctic Circle. The island’s exceptionally unique, rich, and unspoiled nature with available lichen has a significant meaning for the company. One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of dried and colored reindeer moss products in the world. Its product categories include Polarmoss Dried Natural Moss, Polarmoss Colored Moss, and Polarmoss Interior Design products. 

They design and manufactures handcrafted high-quality interior design products from colored and preserved reindeer moss. These products include moss elements that are design products for interior surfaces like walls, as well as moss interior decoration products to be placed on walls or tables and hung from ceilings. We respect nature and the skilled people that carefully work to bring nature close to our worldwide customers. The thought that our customers can experience interaction with northern nature through our products is the inspiration and basis for everything we do today and tomorrow. 

Every single step in Polarmoss’ production is done by hand by our skilled, experienced personnel. Production starts by carefully hand-picking the correct grades of moss in the forest. Then the moss is manually colored and preserved for colored moss products. The interior design products are manufactured from the colored moss into contemporary products using traditional methods and skillful handicraft. 

We respect nature, which provides us its natural gifts. We always leave the forest in well-cared-for condition. We ensure that moss has time to recuperate between picking periods. The same picking area can be used at intervals of 5–10 years. Although Finland is famous for its “every man’s right”—open access to pick berries and mushrooms—it does not apply to moss picking. Polarmoss pays the forest owners for the moss it picks from their forests. 

Polarmoss supplies moss products to over 40 countries worldwide, from north to south and from east to west. Our efficient and experienced sales team knows how to tackle possible practical issues involved. 


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