Dubai UAE, Press Release: February 24, 2021.

AUDesign_lab, AUD Interior Design Department and Studiovee have announced the Design Challenge 2021 for AUD Interior Design Students: STUDIOVEE DESIGN CHALLENGE 2021. Unleash your Creativity. The competition focuses on the design of an innovative seating collection including smart technologies inspired by Dubai, its tradition, modern aspects and architecture. The design is developed including principle of ergonomics, smart design and innovative technologies, sustainable initiatives, flexibility in uses, Sixinch foam cutting and coating technique. This year’s winning team would be eligible for fabulous prizes including internships, production of the winning design, prototypes from Sixinch etc. Studiovee is a leading supplier of interior products like furniture, flooring products, interior accessories etc. in UAE. Studiovee gives particular emphasize on the products it deals with for quality, sustainability, aesthetics and ergonomics. Annamaria Lambri, Associate Professor of Interior Design and Outreach Coordinator at AUD Interior Design Department spoke about the contest: “We are extremely glad to collaborate with Studiovee on this ground-breaking challenge. Combining innovative solutions and technologies supports our students’ knowledge of a changing world. The competition is the first of future successful initiatives in collaboration with Studiovee”. Hani Al Qasem, Managing Director of Sixinch Middle East spoke about the contest: “The preliminary discussions and sessions showcased by the design students of AUD gives a lot of confidence to me particularly and to my team in general. We see a lot of talents and original creativity among the students and their ability to take inspiration from the landmark structures in the UAE as well as from the local community stands testimony to their vision. With various workshops and collaborations underway at the moment we are confident that the final submissions will yield a great result for all to see”. The final submission to the jury is scheduled for the 2nd of March 2021 and the public presentation is on the 04th of March 2021. The winning models would be produced by Sixinch Middle East and displayed at the university. The jury is consisting of accomplished designers from various countries like Mr. Peter Jamart, Co-founder of Sixinch from Belgium, Mr. Michel Sels Co-founder and owner of Sixinch from Belgium, Mr. Hani Al Qasem, Managing Director of Sixinch Middle East, Ms. Ayça AKKAYA KUL from Turkey founder of Mimar Studio, Mr. Önder Kul from Turkey founder of Mimar Studio and Ms. Marianna Piccolo founder of My Pick One from Italy. Full information can be found on the website:

Contact info: Prof. Annamaria Lambri American University in Dubai, Interior Design Department Email:


STUDIOVEE has been established to boost the trading and commercial activities in high quality corporate furniture, flooring products of various types and specialties and also to cater to the Government, Public sector, multinational corporate houses, hospitality, healthcare and educational sector. We are also actively engaged in the e-commerce platform where customer orders are processed, delivered and installed in a timely manner. Our core area of expertise and experience within the interior industry enable us to liaison effortlessly with leading designers, architects, facility managers and other peer organizations in this region make us a good partner to work with and progress positively.


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A professional Interior Designer’s responsibilities extend far beyond creating the aesthetics of an interior space. Interior Design is a challenging and rewarding profession demanding exceptional creativity, collaboration and coordination, in the production of highly functional, aesthetically appealing interior spaces. It is also a profession where there are various tangents that one could pursue, and a solid foundation for many careers within the building and construction industry. A professional Interior Designer performs a variety of tasks and roles, all the while ensuring that the safety, health and wellbeing of the public is intact. Within the Department of Interior Design, we are educating our students to become highly qualified career-oriented Interior Design graduates, able to integrate art, design, technology and business practices. The CIDA-accredited undergraduate degree is taught by experienced professionals in a fully equipped design-led environment. We offer a professional career-oriented program with emphasis on spatial design and interior architecture rather than surface embellishment. Students will learn about all aspects of space, scale, proportions, configuration, and light sources, as well as textures, materials, and colors, in relation to their effect on the human spirit.