HON Olson

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For any organization seeking top performance for the price.
Ideal for multi-purpose rooms, training rooms, conference centers, breakrooms and cafeterias.
Easy to stack, store and rearrange in rooms where people assemble for discussions or meetings

Affordable, Customizable Comfort
Sculpted for support, Olson high-density stackers from HON are proven performers. Olson stacking chairs feature tailored shells that look light and graceful, while delivering amazing lumbar support. Chairs stack up to 12 high on the floor or up to 40 high on their specially designed cart. Includes four chairs per carton, and are warranted for users up to 300 lbs. Order Cart Model 4043 for stacking and transport. Shell color is Surf.
A Material World
  • Sculpted shape also delivers superior lumbar support
  • Integrated handle makes chair easy to carry
  • Stacks up to 12 high without cart
  • Stacks up to 40 high on cart
  • Optional ganging glides connect chairs together to keep meeting areas neat and orderly

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