Biophilic Designs And Their Role In Sustainability

Biophilic Designs And Their Role In Sustainability

"The Best way to Predict the Future is to Design It." - Buckminster Fuller

Just take a moment, close your eyes and picture a world where nature is encapsulated in buildings, and there is an element of the earth everywhere. Isn't it a beautiful sight? We can only get to such a beautiful place by designing it. How do we ensure that the places we imagine become permanent, peaceful, healing, and conducive to the flourishing of individuals and groups? Since we are a part of the natural and living world, doesn't it stand to reason that the environments we create for ourselves should reflect these ties for the sake of our health and happiness? Is there a term for a nature-infused design system? Yes, and it's called "Biophilia."

What Is Biophilia?

Biophilia simply means "the love for living things or the love for life." It is the innate human desire to be in harmony with nature and other living creatures.

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design, which draws on the psychology of being attracted to natural environments, seeks to bring those qualities into man-made spaces.

Numerous contemporary office interior design spaces have adopted biophilic design principles to boost staff morale, achieve environmental objectives, and boost output. In fact, to better integrate nature with urban designs, entire cities have invested resources and time. Biophilic cities incorporate elements of nature into their urban design to improve sustainability and human health.

What Are The Advantages of Biophilic Designs?

Biophilic Designs have made their way into office interior spaces, hospitals and other retail outlets. After all, who wouldn't want a tinge of nature in places where they spend most of their time? Biophilic design has advantages for both building occupants and management. According to a recent study, employees whose workplaces were naturally lit slept an extra 37 minutes each night on average compared to those lit with artificial light. Office workers with access to natural light had a 42% increase in test scores compared to those without such access, proving that natural lighting improves cognition.

Schools, hospitals, conference centres, commercial buildings, transit stations, and even industrial sites can benefit significantly from incorporating more natural elements into their design because of nature's positive effects on healing, aggression, and mood. Providing your employees access to natural elements like wood, stone, and light, as well as indoor plants that purify the air, is excellent for business.

Is Biophilic Design Sustainable?

So far, we have learnt that Biophilic Designs aid human well-being but are they also sustainable? There is no black-and-white answer to this, but Biophilic Designs definitely add to the qualitative aspect of sustainability. For example, Biophilic Designs include using natural light and more natural elements, which means that dependence on artificial light reduces, which helps save energy. 

Polarmoss For Biophilic Design

Before we get to Polarmoss, let's understand what moss is. Moss are rootless, ancient plants that you will see anywhere and everywhere around you, be it in between wall cracks or on mountains and pavements. They are stronger than they appear and can survive extreme conditions. 

One such type of moss is Polarmoss which comes from the reindeer moss found in the wild nature of northern forests near the Arctic Circle. The right quality of Polarmoss is then handpicked to be transformed into colourful and beautiful interior pieces. Polar moss can be used as a part of your office interior or even your home. Using polar moss in your surroundings helps you figure out a way to keep distinct nature close to you. 

Polarmoss is definitely a part of Biophilic design, as it is a natural element that makes any space look beautiful. 


Biophilic Designs directly or indirectly promote sustainability as they use natural components and forego artificial ones. Biophilic Designs not only enhance the look of your office interior but also have qualities that make everyone happy. In a nutshell, adopting practices that will lay the foundation for a better world and a greener planet is always better. 

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