Office Pods: Holding Space For Silence And Relaxation

Office Pods: Holding Space For Silence And Relaxation

Years ago, if someone had told you about open offices, you would have laughed it off without a second thought. As time passed, open offices became a trend, and although they looked impressive from the outside, they presented challenges. Open offices had shortcomings, whether a noisy environment or the tendency to get distracted easily. In such a case, what if something kept you with everyone yet apart? That’s where the concept of office pods was born. Office pods allowed employees to have their own space, work in silence and perform efficiently.


What Is An Office Pod?

The possibilities for office pods are practically endless, making them very similar to traditional office phone booths. Clients have several excellent options to work without disturbance or relocate meeting locations inside open floor plans with mobile meeting pods. These pods typically have couches, desks, and monitors in one convenient package.
Millennials, the largest segment of the workforce, produce and buy meeting pods and office pods for their companies because of their adaptability and can-do spirit. Our Silen Pods are the best that you'll find in the market, whether with regards to the price or design or utility..


Key Benefits of Office Pods

An office pod, especially a Silen office pod, solves problems that usual traditional office spaces don't. They give you privacy alongside being with people. And what’s more, they have wheels which make them a live workstation which can be moved from one place to another! So, let's talk about other incredible benefits of office pods in today's world:

1.    Lesser Noise

An office pod's unique construction effectively muffles ambient noise from all directions, inside and out. Internal acoustic walls have excellent sound absorption qualities, which reduces echo and creates a more comfortable environment for those using the space. The Silen pod's fans are as silent as the rustle of leaves due to their minimal working noise which helps employees remain calm and relaxed while they work.

2.    More Efficient Team Meetings

All the necessities for productive team meetings can be found in a single Silen meeting pod. There is enough space for four people to sit comfortably at a regular or high table, and each person will have easy access to a power outlet. A wall-mounted screen and a wide-angle webcam allow remote workers to join the meeting too. To best meet the demands of your team, you can modify the area to your liking and ease into high-profile meetings.

3.    Helps Build Concentration

When you're in an office pod, you can shut off the distractions of the rest of the office and give your full attention to whatever you're doing, be it a conference call, a meeting, or just a casual conversation. The Silen pod can give you a peaceful vibe which will only bring out your best due to silence and a non-stressful environment.

4.    Boosts Employee Productivity

What is the most important thing needed for an employee to be at his/her productive best? An environment that gives them the luxury to concentrate which usually happens in silence. A Silen office pod is a perfect catalyst for such an environment. Research says that happy employees are 12% more productive than those who aren't. When your employees are happy, your business will only flourish more and more.

Final Thoughts

It is common knowledge that commercial real estate is quite pricey. Since the cost of office space per worker can be as high as $16,000 annually, this is a significant driver in many corporates’ shift toward open floor plans. By replacing just one 8-person meeting room with an office pod, you can save at least 250 square feet of space.


Our Silen office pods will not only give your office a classy look but will also help your employees feel the peace that silence brings. So, if you want your employees to stay motivated and work in an environment that hones their productivity.
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